5 Lesser-Known Truths About Document Translation

The translation industry is a silent but flourishing industry. Although not a lot of people know this service, companies and businesses who have direct experience with translation services in Dubai know how important this work is.

If you are a bit curious about this industry and would like to be more informed about the translation history, these tidbits of information might interest you:

  1. Translation rates differ and vary

Some clients expect that the rates for a legal translation in Dubai will be the same. But what they need to know is, the price packages for translation projects differ and would vary based on different factors like the level of difficulty of the project, the length of the manuscript, and the timeline. So, be sure that you are aware of these factors, so you will have a general idea about the pricing and the payment structure.

  1. Translated documents are not literally the same

Another misconception that clients expect is that clients expect that the translated document will be as lengthy as the original one. There will be instances when the translated document will be shorter than the original manuscript. This is due to the way it is translated. The manuscript is translated contextually and not literally. It would also depend on the language it will be translated to. If the language is a bit wordy, then expect that the translated document will be longer.

  1. Translation industry is a big one

As mentioned, the translation industry is a thriving industry. As of date, the industry is raking in at least $40 million in revenue. One of the most translated language is the English language. Spanish and French are two of the most targeted language for translation. Other types of translation such as legal and financial are also becoming popular in the business world.

  1. There are languages that are near extinction

If there are popular languages that are being targeted for translation, there are also languages and dialects that are near extinction, due to the fact that the people who know these languages are the last of their kinds. Languages and dialect like Hupa and Kusunda are near extinction.

  1. A mistranslation led to a massive bombing

Considered as one of the massive translation mistake that caused the lives of almost 80,000 is the mistranslation of Allied Force’s surrender. English translated misinterpreted the Japanese word mokusatsu as a sign of contempt. Instead of accepting peace, the American forces dispatched its forces, bombing the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.