The Best Things About Availing Air Cargo Services

Worker checking wing as luggage rolls onto airplane

As its name suggests, air cargo, also called air forward in other countries, is a type of delivery service that transports products via air. Companies, regardless of size and market share, avail air cargo services to send their products both locally and abroad. Here are the best things about air cargo services as per a few people who have availed this cargo solution from courier companies in Dubai.




For local deliveries, the package usually arrives within two days or less. For international deliveries, the transport time is usually around five to fifteen days, depending on the country of destination, customs clearances, and the terms of the courier. The said time frame is so much better than ocean and road transit time. To add, air cargo is very beneficial for rush items and goods that need really fast transit time such as seafood, flowers, animals, plants, ice, and other perishable goods.


Various Cargo Options


Airline companies allow a wide range of goods for delivery purposes – from bulky items, cartons of medicine, a pile of documents, food, caged animals, furniture and a lot more. Therefore, you can send different items with just one receipt via air cargo.


High Level of Security


We all know that airports have reliable security devices. Therefore, you could be at ease knowing that your cargo is safe, and less prone to cases of loss, theft, and damage. Besides, top couriers and airline companies have the capacity to find lost goods in no time because of their advanced tracking systems.


Requires Less Inventory Time


With air cargo, companies no longer need to spend long hours on inventory. If you avail the door to door air cargo service, the courier would pick up the goods in your office or home, and they would do the packaging for you. This can also save you from expensive warehousing costs.


Remarkably Reliable


We can say that the flight schedules of local and international airlines are really reliable except of course during unfavorable circumstances such as natural disaster, flooding, and emergency. Hence, both the sender and the receiver can expect that the cargo will arrive within the dates specified by the courier.



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