Tummy Maintenance After A Tummy Tuck Procedure

Surgery and other non-invasive cosmetic procedure in Dubai serve as a starting point to a fit and gorgeous body journey of patients. While some find it a little costly for their wallets, the results are too impeccable not to notice. Whether you have a Vaser Lipo in Dubai or an augmentation, you can achieve the body form that you want, anytime.


But it should not stop there. Patients should finds ways to maintain or improved what the surgery has started. In case of tummy tucks, here are some maintenance tips that patients can follow to keep their tummy flat after the surgery:


  • Say NO to smoking

Smoking is a hard habit to break for some. But if you had undergone a tummy tuck in Dubai, you surgeon would probably recommend that you lessen or stop smoking. Smoking can cause skin discoloration. If the cut is fresh, it might affect the appearance of your tummy skin. If you undergone any procedure, it would be best to avoid them for a while. If you are having a hard time kicking the habit, look at the bright side. When you stop smoking, you will have a lighter skin and a healthy body!


  • Watch out your diet

Bulging tummy can be caused by uncontrollable food binging and a bad diet. A tummy tuck can solve this but if you go back to your old diet, then expect that the bulge will be back. Having a balanced diet with healthy carbohydrates can give you all the nutrients that you need without causing bloating and stomach-bulging. Consult with a nutritionist to help you plan you healthy meals.


  • Go for tummy-flattening exercises

Eating healthy is just part of the maintenance, you still need to maintain the tummy tuck results through exercise routine. Doing exercises will not only keep you fit but also help with your skins’ flexibility. There are some parts of the body that might be sagging. Toning exercises can lessen the sag and keep you active.


  • Keep the water flowing

Some people think that the 8-ounce a day water rule is not that important. But the truth is, it does. Drink enough water can help on speeding up your metabolism and aid your digestion. It can prevent or curb your hunger.


  • Go easy on the alcohol

Specifically, beer. Beers are high on calories which can camp on your tummy and cause bloating. Constantly intake might lead to having the unsightly beer belly. Keep your alcohol intake always.