5 Negative Effects Of Stress In The Body

Humans deal with stress everyday. We try to deal with everyday’s concerns, problems, and issues. It is safe to say that it is a part of our daily lives. But constant exposure to stress can be harmful to one’s health and well-being. Which is why going through treatments like stress management in Dubai is important.


If you don’t think that stress is not affecting you in any way, here are some health effects that are caused by constant exposure to stress:


  1. Can cause headache


If a person is stress, all his/her system is working overtime, like his/her nervous system. The nerves and other parts of the brain are sending more signals to the body causing your bring to work overdrive and get worn down. This can cause severe headache and pain to certain parts of the brain. Constant exposure to stress can lead to other mental issues like anxiety and depression.


  1. Affect your digestive system


Since your system is on overdrive mode, your liver is producing more blood sugar to kickstart your system to flight or fight mode and give you the energy boost that you need. This would lead to increased heart rate and upset your digestive system and cause acid reflux. Moreover, your digestive system might not be able to keep up with the glucose surge and increase your risk of getting diabetes.


  1. Keep your muscles tense


When you are feeling stressed, your muscles act up to protect themselves from getting injured. That is why you feel that your muscles are tightening during stressful situations. Constant exposure to stressors will leave no room for your muscles to relax and can lead to headache and back and neck pain.


  1. Affect your sex drive


One of the most obvious effect of stress is the noticeable decrease in sex drive. Since your body is exhausted from working overtime, your desire will decreased causing your drive to plateau. Studies also indicated that constant exposure to stress can also affect the sperm production amongst men and also put their reproductive system at risk.


  1. Weaken your immune system


Research indicates that stress can stimulate one’s immune system to fight any form of infection. But long-time exposure to stress can also weaken your body’s defense, making it difficult for you to heal and recuperate. The system will be immune to stressors that it will be hard to them to defend foreign invaders, making an individual prone to illnesses and infection.


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