5 Crucial Questions You Need to Ask Your Surgeons

The consultation is the first part of a cosmetic surgery procedure. Through consultation, patients and surgeons discuss everything that is involve in the procedure – from price to what patient will go through. Which is why it is imperative to ask important questions to come up with a more solid treatment and agreement between the two parties.

Be sure to ask these following questions to your surgeon before agreeing to any treatment or procedure:


  1. Would it be okay to see your permits and certifications?

First thing in order is to know whether your prospective surgeon is running legit medical operations. You need his business permits, medical licenses, board certifications and other documents that can prove his eligibility. Most cosmetic clinics in Dubai present this to their clients upon initial consultation. This is to quash any concerns of patients about the clinic and the surgeon that would handle the procedure.


  1. Can you tell me more about the procedures?

Once you are confident of the legitimacy of the business and the surgeon, you can now proceed on asking about the procedures. Although there might be some highly technical terms involve, the doctor or surgeon should be able to explain the procedure in a way that an average patient would understand. On the other hand, patients need to know this so they can be prepared on what’s to come and also manage their expectations.


  1. What are the possible risks?

Going under the knife has it inherent risk and doctors should be transparent about this part of the consultation. As patient, you need to know the possible outcomes of the procedure, both positive and negative part. Your would-be surgeon should be able to discuss these risk factors and what are his way to prevent and lessen them. Patients, as well, should be transparent to their surgeon so they can make possible conclusions. Be sure to discuss your medical history and there is a pre-existing condition that the cosmetic surgery team should watch out for. Being open about the possibilities and the patient history would help on plotting the appropriate treatment for the case.


  1. How long is the recovery period?

Patient’s recovery varies and is a case to case basis. However, the doctor should be able to predict an estimated time based on his experience of handling similar cases. Knowing the recovery period will help patients plan out their post-operative recovery and make necessary arrangement in advance.


  1. How much the whole treatment would cost?

The cost of reconstructive surgery varies as well and would depend on the patient’s case. The doctor could give an estimate cost based on the following factors: surgeon’s fee, anesthesia and operating room fees, and the materials and medicines that will be used on the procedure. It is important for a patient to know this so he can plot out his finances as well.

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