Why Admit Your Child In a Private School In Sharjah?

When it comes to quality education, Sharjah stands toe to toe with Dubai and Abu Dhabi. For several reasons, sending your child to a private school in Sharjah is a great idea. From the quality of education to environment, these schools not only meet but often exceed international education standards. Moreover, Sharjah private schools maintain excellent quality of extracurricular activities including sports, oration, and other outdoor activities. Suffice to say that parents have more than a few reasons to admit their child to a private school in Sharjah. Here is more on why should you consider Sharjah private school for your child:

Requirements For Admission

Like most private schools in the UAE, most private schools require the child to appear in an entrance examination. Notably, most private schools don’t believe in stressing parents and children. The test is about judging the aptitude of your child towards education. Schools administrations are often understanding and sympathetic towards children. They pay great attention to child’s overall development.


Most private schools in Sharjah provide easy to learn curriculum. With such a curriculum, a child is not stressed out by the burden of homework and class work. The curriculum is designed to provide maximum education in a friendly manner. Your child will have to complete the curriculum before the end of the season after which he will appear in the final test. Successful completion of the test will carry him to the next class.


School Timings

Most private schools in Sharjah start at 8 AM and go all the way to 1. Some schools also offer afternoon shifts beginning from 12PM till 5PM. It depends upon what shift you think suits your child but most parents prefer morning shifts.


Though the fee structure of Sharjah schools is similar to that of Dubai, there are some differences. You will find schools charging between AED 4000 up to AED 90,000. Off course, it depends upon the school you intend to admit your child to. Suffice to say that you would admit your child to a school whose fee you can afford.

All in all, Sharjah offers excellent learning opportunities to children both locals and expats, much like schools near Mirdif and other areas.