What makes British curriculum schools popular among Asians?

Expatriates emanating from Asian countries have a special liking for the British curriculum schools in Dubai. Especially, the parents hailing from Pakistan and India are fond of sending their kids to the schools where British curriculum is taught. According to a recent Affordability in Dubai Education report, Pakistani students contribute 17 percent to the total enrolment of students in the British curriculum schools in Dubai. This is the biggest size in enrolments, followed by Indian students with 16 percent share of the pie, British students with 13 percent, and Egyptians, Emiratis, and Filipinos.

The private schools enrolment growth has eclipsed even Dubai’s population growth rate. Dubai’s population grew at 5.1 percent from 2011-2016 but the Dubai’s private schools students’ enrolment expanded at 6.4 percent during the period. The rate is far better than the public schools enrolment rate of only 1.7 percent during the period. This immense growth is largely because of the Asian expatriates’ special liking for British curriculum schools as most of the workers from Pakistan and India believe English language is the biggest roadblock in their road to success in their professional life. Keeping in view their own struggles with the language, they plan a future for their kids which is studded with all that English language has to offer.


Why Choose British Curriculum?

The British curriculum, known otherwise as National Curriculum for England, is a broad-based and well-balanced education system which comprehensively covers all the major sciences, arts, and humanities subjects. The system is well-balanced and detail-oriented and helps the authorities to keep track of the progress of an individual student, a class or many classes, or the whole school. The tracking helps the school authorities to prepare well for the future needs of the students and to turn them into the right shape to cope with their professional career requirements. The British curriculum was put into place in 1988 and since then it has been a success story across the globe. It finishes in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education, AS and A level certifications. The British curriculum is widely honored at all the best universities across the globe.

The British curriculum is the way forward for the people who want to see their kids excelling at an international level. English language is the most common factor worldwide and therefore it helps the whole populace of the planet to speak one language and make life easier anywhere in the world. The UAE is rapidly becoming a global village where people from most of the nationalities have set their feet in search of a rewarding career. The best British international schools in Dubai will keep fulfilling the dreams of the next generation of these professionals.