Rent a car to explore Dubai now

Going away on a holiday and visiting new places has an irresistible charm to it. Each trip is planned in advance, hotel reservations made and flights booked to make sure that everything goes perfectly, exactly the way it is intended too. The memories of a good visit can be charred by lack of desirable transportation, wasting all the money and time you have put into it. Rent a car companies have effectively come to the aid of tourists in Dubai, providing the facility of long term rent-a-car in Dubai so that you can roam around on your very own vehicle for months at a time!

Take your pick!

Car rental companies have a vast collection of cars, harboring literally all the major car brands out there. All the available vehicles are effectively divided into three major categories depending upon the pocket of the client. If you can’t afford to spend a lot on a rented car and want the bulk of your savings to be spent on shopping or sight-seeing, choose a small car; a Hyundai or Toyota. On the other hand, if you have a status to maintain and a bank balance to back it up, travel luxuriously in an amazing Audi and BMW series. If you want, you can also rent a Bentley in Dubai. The renting rate is also economical and is devoid of any hidden charges!

Insurance protection.

Nothing can be more devastating than being stuck in a foreign land with a vehicle smashed into somebody else’s belongings. Not only will you have to squeeze out of the police’s clutches but you will have to pay for all the damage you did. Insurance policy of most car rental companies rents only the fully insured cars that cover the entire denting painting expenses in the event of an unfortunate accident. Though you will have to pay a small sum as a penalty, it wouldn’t be anywhere near the un-insured charges. It will also give you a peace of mind and a sense of protection, so what are you waiting for?

Car rental companies like care for their clients’ needs more than they do for their pockets and hence provide a 24/7 customer service that listens to your issues, advises you on all the concerning matters and rushes to your aid every time you need one. You also get free car-wash and car-service while you have the car on rent with the offer of unlimited mileage being the cherry on top. Soon after you contact them, they show up, which along with their brand-new cars gives you another reason to contact them.