Features of An Immigration Partner That You Should Know

Living and moving to another country or location sounds pretty exciting. Learning new cultures and meeting new people is enough for you to book a one-way ticket to the country of your liking. But before you pack sold your house and pack your bags, you need to know that migration process and actually apply to […]

Dubai Cruise Etiquette for Beginners

When we hear the word “cruise”, the first things that comes to mind are the waters, swimming, and tanning. But cruise package also comes with exciting activities aside from getting tan or wearing your bikinis. It can also mean a serene and romantic dinner while cruising around the city, like what Dubai Marina Dhow cruise […]

Head to the Desert to Scuba Dive?

You may think of a lot of sights to see when you consider a trip to Dubai, but you may not have considered scuba diving! After all, who heads to a desert climate to deep dive and explore coral reefs?   Certification   Before you book a flight to the ends of the earth, you […]