Marketing Collaterals That Should Be Updated Regularly

Promotional and marketing collaterals are one of the tools business owners used to reach out to their target audience and introduce their products and services. Since it is used regularly, it is must that these collaterals are well-designed to capture the attention of the target audience.

But aside from having well-designed collaterals, these tools must be constantly updated to entice the audience. Especially this season, wherein the consumers are looking to shell out money for the Holidays. Here are some collaterals and tools that need some updating:


  • Website

Nowadays, people are purchasing more products and services using online platforms, like web stores and social media channel. Given the number of people using these channels, business owners should utilize their online stores for selling and reaching out to target audience. If your business has a website, be sure to update it from time to time. Make sure that it is pleasing to look at and easy to navigate. Upload content regularly and update your products. You may also need to put a secure payment gateway for the convenience of online purchasers.


  • Brochures and flyers

Although brochures and flyers are old school marketing tools, the help it provides on the ground is still remarkable. Since these marketing collaterals are printed, your target audience can take these home and use as a reference should they decide to make an off-site purchase. So be sure that your brochures and flyers are updated at all times. It should be designed to capture attention and retain information. But it should also follow the trend and the season. Since it is the Holidays, the design should be Holiday-themed. Consult with Dubai printing companies on what printing materials or paper that would bring out the quality of the design.


  • Store signage

The store signage is usually the least of the priorities when it comes to collaterals revamp. But this tool can help immensely with onsite promotions. It can pique the interest of passersby and also serve as a landmark for people looking at your brick and mortar store. Include signage revamp on your collateral refresh.  Contact experts in signage in Dubai to help you with the signage design.


  • Business cards

Business card is also a form of marketing tool that business owners used to promote their business, but mostly with investors and potential business partners. From time to time, you need to update your calling cards to make it attractive to the eyes of prospective investors.