Choosing the Right Freight Forwarding Service for your Business

airliner with a globe and autoloader with boxes in a container

Having a trusted forwarding company can do a lot for your business. For one, it can be an added service value to your business. And you can make sure that your products are intact upon delivery. It also eliminates the hassle of looking for a storage place as these companies have their own warehouses to store and stock products.

However, looking for a trusted freight forwarding company to be your partner in product delivery and shipment can be a little frustrating. Some business owners have their own tales of delayed shipments and damaged goods. And there are some lucky enough to find a trusted forwarding company.  But it is not just pure luck. Apply these hacks to increase your chances of finding the best freight forwarding companies in Abu Dhabi.


  1. Know what your cargo needs are

Before you go on your scouting task, you need to determine first what your shipment needs is. By identifying your requirements, you can easily gauge your prospective forwarding partners if they can take on the job. Make sure you know the average volume of your cargo, your delivery and shipment schedule, and the usual places that these goods will be picked up and delivered.


  1. Compare your requirements to cargo’s services

Once you have the list, you can check out one by one your potential freight company partners. Check out their services and see if what they are offering perfectly fits your shipment needs. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of each forwarding company.


  1. See if their credentials are up to par

It is one thing to know what they are offering, but whether they can deliver is another story. To be able to know their credibility, be sure to check out what their clients say about their business. If you are having a hard time contacting their clients, you can ask them and give them possible scenarios that they might encounter when handling your goods. Based from their answers, you can draw a conclusion whether they will be able to deliver a good job on shipping and delivering your products.


  1. Check how stable the forwarding company is

Stability is an important quality that a forwarding company should have. Delays are inevitable circumstances that any forwarding company will encounter. But to minimize the time that will be consumed by these delays, the forwarding company should have a stable network as a backup. Ask your prospecting forwarding partners about how vast their network is and who are their other partners.


  1. See if they are affiliated to credible organizations

Aside from business permits and license to operate, another way to check the credential of your prospective partners is their affiliation to credible forwarding organization. Being a member of esteemed organizations would mean that these associations are recognizing a company’s excellent service and years of experience. Visit website of your forwarding partners to know what organization they are connected to.