Westvleteren 12 Beer
The St Sixtus Trappist Monastery Brewery is located in the far western corner of Belgium. If you are in the area you can pick some up for yourself. 

St.Sixtus Trappist Monastery's Brewery Tap

In Vrede, Donkerstraat 13, 8640 Westvleteren, Belgium.

tel #:  +32 57 400 377

The "Beer Phone" - +32 070 21 00 45


GPS: 50.895938º North

2.722052º E (To the Car Park)

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Also, the "In de Vrede" cafe (located right next door to the Brouwerij Westvleteren) is open everyday from 10 o'clock...
You can purchase up to six Westy 12 beers there, per person.

Tel. 057/40.03.77

Fax. 057/40.19.60